Welcome to the body

This site is being created to bring forth what lies in the darkness of the body. What’s the deal? We’ll post a topic every Tuesday…let the topic sink in, find where it rests in your body(literally), and then share from that point. Any media is acceptable:poetry, prose, pictures, video…whatever.

 The idea is to open up some of those locked down places in these wonderous bodies of ours…tears and smiles are equally invited.

A bit of a suggetion/request on my part; let it flow out unmediated. Please DO NOT JUDGE what comes out. The whole point is to let those things that have been deemed unacceptable space to live, breathe and release. This includes JOY and happiness as well. How many times do we snuff short our happiness and beauty because it makes others uncomfortable? If you want to go back over and edit for spelling or structure, so be it, but please allow those “embarrassing” or “secrets” space to live. After all, they are lonely too. 

 The topic will be posted on the page marked Home. Please post your response to the topic in the COMMENT box on the page marked WELCOME TO THE BODY, with a link to your page. You can post the whole response or simply the link. Whatever you’ld like.

I hope you will be willing to open to this experience. And if you do choose to enter, thank you for being so kind to yourself.


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    • Posted by WOIH

      Passage on a fear-driven freight train

      Shrouded in darkness,
      my body begins to vibrate at intense speed over what paranoia might arise
      A rat claws the wall behind me
      Someone is breaking in the house..
      the one who has been breaking in every ten seconds for the last month then disappears when I look up
      But he is there

      Am I gonna have a heart-attack?
      No, I’m going to cause a heart-attack from worrying about having one

      What’s that noise?
      Was someone already hiding in here when I closed the door?
      There is someone in here
      No….maybe it’s the rat

      Maybe Reggie was wrong and there IS demonic spirits
      They’re just waiting for me to let my guard down

      It’s been hours
      I must’ve set my timer wrong
      The sun is going to rise and I’ll be exhausted
      I’m going to say the wrong thing to my kids
      I need a job, I can’t keep living like this
      Everyone thinks I’m a failure

      What time is it?
      Are my eyes closed? No they’re open…are they?

      The timer is definitely set wrong
      It’s okay, look
      OH MY GOD! It’s only been an hour…

      Is this really doing anything?
      Maybe she was right, maybe it is a cult
      Am I just fooling myself to FEEL like I’m doing something spiritual?
      This is ridiculous, go to sleep
      What about the rat?

      As I awake
      I see childrens faces that I’ve never seen before
      I feel crispness like I’ve never felt before
      Almost a different universe of space

      Fear sped away at it’s own pace
      without me holding the reigns

      Behind it?


  1. “Maybe Reggie was wrong?”

    Wonderful poem, mirrors the fears I experienced when on the meditation retreat…



    You are good!


  2. 😎 Thank you for the invite. I will do my best. My schedule now is really hectic. I wish you all the very best. This should be a fun deal. 😎


  3. Good afternoon, Yes I would love you to count me in,
    I have written poems on fear, love and sin
    I here by leave the link for you to see
    The dark fears and secrets that lie within me
    k x


  4. We talk about dreams
    Is that your nightmare or mine?
    I’m sure that one’s mine.

    There are rotting walls
    in a secret room, hidden,
    this is my psyche

    We talk about dreams
    Is that your nightmare or mine?
    the cracked walls crumble.

    There are feral cats
    that bleed beneath the spiders
    that hang far too low.

    We talk about dreams
    Is that your nightmare or mine?
    sharing the same walls

    We dream.


  5. Hey 🙂 thanks for the invite! my schedule’s been crazy lately, not leaving much time for my writing… please keep me in the loop though =)


  6. We will.Thank you for dropping in


  7. I’ve posted a horrible one on my Miserable old bat blog, here: http://vivnada.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/red-for-httpna…press-comabout/


  8. Vivan…really transporting write. Thank you for adding here


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